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Teflon Coating and Its History

Teflon coating is commonly used on various items, including kitchenware, in the aviation industry, in making of electronics and in many other industries. Teflon was discovered accidentally in 1938 in New Jersey in the United States of America by a man named Roy Plunkett. Since then it has been used for a number of purposes in the industries named above. Teflon is actually a compound made of Carbon and Fluorine commonly referred to as fluorocarbons. This compound has two molecules of carbon and four of chlorine, making it a very strong substance with qualities which are very beneficial. In scientific terms, Teflon is abbreviated to PTFE, which stands for poly tetra flour ethylene.

Teflon coating has got many qualities which make sits use in various industries extremely important. The first and most important beneficial quality of Teflon is that it is very slippery. This makes it suitable for making electrical equipment. It also has one of the lowest melting points, thus making it suitable for making appliances used in very high temperature areas, like in making parts of a rocket. It is a material that does not induct electricity. This quality makes it suitable for making insulation in electronics and other places where electricity is used.

Teflon is also water-resistant and repels water. This is a useful quality for making items that need to keep away water. This includes storage containers and electric cables passing under sea beds. Its friction levels are also very low, meaning that it can be used to make parts of machines which are constantly rubbing against each other, and require constant lubrication. This includes gears and cog wheels.

In light of these benefits, Teflon has been used to manufacture things like coking pans, water-proof carpets, clothes and other protective clothing. It is also used in making windscreen wipers and vehicle mats.