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Enjoy your avi videos on your iPod

Very many people have huge AVI Video files that they would really love to carry around and view them as often as they want. This has been quite impossible for quite a while now but as new technology comes into existence this is now easy. All you need is the new VeBest iPod Movie Converter software that will convert all your video files into a format that can easily be vied with your iTunes or iPod.

This new software is very user friendly unlike the other software that requires intense learning; this new software is very easy to use. Just follow these few steps carefully.

The first step is to turn on the VeBest ipod converter. On the screen, find the open file button and click it. View the files and select the ones you need to convert.

Then click the output button to select the folder that you wish to save the converted files after they have been converted to the iPod format. Locate the convert command button and click it to commence conversion.

After the conversion is complete, open your output folder and view them, then import them into your iTunes or iPod and add them to your play list. Open them as you would any other item on the play list and enjoy the music.

The VeBest iPod Movie Converter Suite not only converts AVI video files but also converts other file formats such as MPG, MOV, RMVB, WMV and DivX, into iTunes. The steps involved in converting these files are the same regardless of their original file format.

Now you need not discard those files you would have wished to carry around on your iPod and enjoy them but canít do so because of their formats, just convert them.